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[Suggestion] Pole vault doesn't feel useful

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Hi Klei, thanks in advance for providing me with beta key.

I've got a lot to say about the game, but I'll try to provide my thoughts in proper places for ease of searching.

Right so, the pole vault feels very underwhelming. I didn't find much use of it given that stage obstacles aren't really problematic and dodge is good enough for movement. In fact I tried to use it as an alternative dodge and the wind up is too slow to pull it off reliably.
Maybe the pole vault would also impale an enemy and stun them in the place for a moment? Or maybe it could just deal damage on impale and landing?

I'll try to play with it a little more. Maybe I just haven't had a good chance to truly make use of it.

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Pole vault having a larger launch would be good aswell. I felt like how far it made you go felt really short, so having it clear a larger area would be nice.

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Maybe reactive inputs like the cannon's reload to determine if you go at say, the normal distance. Or you can tap the vaulting button again while in the middle of it to launch yourself further?

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