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Aloha my fellow players,


hope I´m not the only one with this kind of urge: editing a "wrongly" selected duplicant

(I´m really not feeling like loading an old save file and redoing everything else ...)


When I did my last playthrough I used the online editor "Duplicity", so coming back and seeing that option isn´t available anymore made me start to look into alternative ways to handle my "problem".


=> Does any mod or editor exist to just swap some duplicant traits around ?


In the past I messed a bit with manual editing of save files:

Just to reach a point where I could swap traits and see the effects ingame, but only to realize "cannot do task X" as part of some negative traits got stored individually ...

At that time I found "Duplicity" and stopped exploring the save file further.

=> Did someone else venture down that rabbit hole and could offer some guidance to fully add/remove traits with a manual approach ?


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The duplicity project was abandoned by its author, and as far as I know it was the only one for save file editing... So, unless somebody shows up and takes the mantle there, then you're really out of luck. But then again, there's a reason tasteful memorials exist in-game. Just saying, maybe a ladder made out of granite just casually melted above a cherry colored pool with a dupe on it...

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