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Best way i could come up with to deal with the new Ink Blights (solo/any character)

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If you don't want to listen to the video here's a small rundown of what i found ( plus some info that are a little wrong in the video )

- The brightshade staff is amazing against those three mini boss, it deal 20 planar damage to shadow creatures and depending on your armor of choice it can bounce up to 7 time between targets. Since the 3 ink blights stay really close to one another, you can deal some really decent damage at a safe distance from them and do the fight in less than a minute!

- I mention in the video that the Dreadstone Outcrop spawn while a nightmare rift is active, this info seems to be wrong but i'm not 100% sure. From my current perspective on this, the Dreadstone Outcrop will spawn every 5-6 days (need further testing) at a nearby nightmare fissure, whether the nightmare rift is open or not. (do take this whole point with a grain of salt, like i said i'm not 100% sure, if someone has the info plz let me know)

- I forgot to mention in the video that the Dreadstone outcrop is destroyable to get a few Dread stone. Either use the "rook" Ink blight to destroy it or use a Brightshade Smasher or a Thulecite Pick/axe before you end the fight.

- I also forgot to mention that if you intend to use the Enlightment Crown instead of the Brightshade Armor set, you should bring a few sanity foods, that technique drains alot of sanity quickly

I hope this can help a few of you to collect those new items! Good survival out there everyone.

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Brightshade Staff is already the DST-exclusive weapon I enjoy the most, so seeing this makes me want to...

Actually, I still don't want to jump through so many Celestial Champion-related hoops for Staves. I'd just turn it on manually.

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Actually.. the easiest way to deal with them is by not dealing with them at all.

As I’ve discovered, rather it’s intentional or not a single wave of Depth Worms (3 or More) will quickly dispatch them .

Which is ironic: Considering that if you attempt to Lure Hound Waves to the Brightshades the Brightshades easily dispose of the hound wave.

For Ink Blights its surprisingly the Worm Waves that comes out Victorious. 

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