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New update broken

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Did the Fuelweaver fight on my world twice yesterday soon after the update. 
hand came but will not take the dreadstone,

 no Charlie.

 Hopefully this is fixed soon

 thank you guys exciting to have new content … funny when it is broken

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4 hours ago, CharlesB said:

Thanks for pointing this out, there's an issue with giving the dreadstone to the hand. This will be fixed in the next update

Thank you :)

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23 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

Same here.. Guess I'll just turn them on in world settings instead. 

Hi gelatinous!

 How are you doing been a bit! Saw your msg too late. I will send you a friend invite- diyabolical on PlayStation. 
you were going to help me a a while back on crab king 

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