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I do not know how to fix it

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Hello @Lins1Vakun and @liuming, welcome to the forums. Thank you for reporting. Could you please post this in the Klei Bug Tracker instead? Along with any log files and screenshots you can share and also adding what was happening/happened before it crashed. That way it'll be easier for the devs to keep track of issues with the game. ► Rotwood - Playtest - Klei Bug Tracker - Klei Entertainment Forums

  • Click Add Bug top right.
  • Add Details.
  • Add log files. (if any)
  • In Steps to Reproduce, explain what you were doing right before it crashed.

Usually, "unable to write to config directory" is a permissions issue. Either your Antivirus is not allowing the game to make save files (usually fixed by adding the game to your Antivirus Whitelist), or you aren't playing from an Administrator account on your PC (usually fixed by setting game to "Run as administrator". BUT these are merely assumptions. For better results, report your crash/bug to the bug tracker. Thank you for reporting, cheers!

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@lakhnishfrom my side, the Bug Tracker Link links to the right place correctly. Game Forums to the general forums, Updates to update logs and Tracker to Tracker. The Support Link isn't set yet since the Klei Support doesn't have info specifically for Rotwood yet. It might've been fixed between when you posted your reply to now. Can you check if the issue still exists for you?


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