I got WASD, but no Action Key.

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Hello Klei Team,

first I wanted to thank you for your great games. I got all 2 Shank games, and Mark of the Ninja and now obviously Don't Starve. Way to go! I really enjoy your games.

And now to my suggestion!

I got WASD I can run around with that and I think that is awesome. But that is all I can do with keyboard. How about an "action" button?

By action button I mean nothing else then a "left mouse click". For example you stand beneath a tree with a axe and you start chopping when you press that button, near stones and you start picking, near berries and you start looting. You get my point, acting like a left mouse click on an object.

That would be great, I would really enjoy that.

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Something kind of like that is actually on my to-do list! Not sure when it's going to make its way in, but it's (probably) coming.

Sooner would be better then later, better for my wrist. Looking forward to it.

Can we see this to-do-list somewhere or is everything on there top secret?

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