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  1. Does flint respawn?

    24 actually, or did they lower it even further?
  2. Does flint respawn?

    Find yourself a stone plateu and you have plenty of flint. I got 2 stack of em. the old ones, 32
  3. Chrome versus Steam

    well I just started all over as I didnt know xD I am further now the nbefore.
  4. Nerf berry bush needed ?

    Well I stuffed the Pig King with Meat to get gold that I can then exchange into RP. So well... Feeded him 2 stacks of cooked morsel. I am not sure if it is my imagination or not but he seemed slightly fatter =P (jk)
  5. Bring back higher stacks

    They are working on a better / different Inventory Management system. - - - Updated - - - They are working on a better / different Inventory Management system.
  6. Monster steak

    use it in the crock pot nd wonders will occur. Frog Legs + Carrot + 2x cooked monster meat = Froggy Bunwich. alternativly you can use instead of 2 cooked monster meat one Cut Grass, works too. Seriously!
  7. Torch exploit

    Besides that you can't see anything with the torch in the inventory so well I don't think its that huge.
  8. Killing tentacles

    It drops itself as a weapon exactly like the spear. And yeah you can kill them with out gettin hit. Just use hit n run tactics.
  9. You should post this under suggestions.
  10. I got WASD, but no Action Key.

    Sooner would be better then later, better for my wrist. Looking forward to it. Can we see this to-do-list somewhere or is everything on there top secret?
  11. Hello Klei Team, first I wanted to thank you for your great games. I got all 2 Shank games, and Mark of the Ninja and now obviously Don't Starve. Way to go! I really enjoy your games. And now to my suggestion! I got WASD I can run around with that and I think that is awesome. But that is all I can do with keyboard. How about an "action" button? By action button I mean nothing else then a "left mouse click". For example you stand beneath a tree with a axe and you start chopping when you press that button, near stones and you start picking, near berries and you start looting. You get my point, acting like a left mouse click on an object. That would be great, I would really enjoy that.