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Actual Smart storage bins

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Could we please, please bring the smart storage bins in line with the liquid and gas reservoirs, give them min-max limits, and remove their power consumption.

The others don't use it, and it really discourages its use. Its vanilla form makes it a pain to handle. Even worse is the logic, with full being green is reversed from the other two storage devices. The same goes for the fridge's automation (minus the power consumption bit)

Weightplates can to some degree substitute for the storage bins, but that makes it even more egregious that they are so bad at their primary purpose.

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Just stick a NOT gate on the line. Same with the fridge.

The 60W power draw is annoying but workable. Some folks use timers to only pulse the power once a day but I don't bother. I use them to autogenerate a reserve amount of some critical intermediate products -- fertilizer, sand, refined carbon for diamonds. In the diamond press room I also tie in a wattage sensor to make sure I don't burn up all my coal if the power fluctuates.

In my kitchen I keep two fridges, one for raw food at full capacity and a smaller one for finished foods. That way my chef will stop cooking if I have enough food to last a few days, and the extra scraps can go to the hatchery.

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