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Issue with the scrapbook and irreplaceable items

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While I was visiting Pearl's island today, I suddenly realized that I wouldn't be able to get Pearl's pearl or the cracked variant unlocked in the scrapbook since I had not only killed crab king already, but also returned the broken pearl back to Pearl. Afaik the scrapbook still isn't part of the compendium, which means it's progress doesn't carry over between worlds, meaning without glitches or console commands it is physically impossible for me to ever have a fully completed scrapbook in my world.

I'm unsure if there are any other items that function in a similar manner to Pearl's pearl, but even if it is only these 2 items it should still be addressed. Imo the best way would be to just add the scrapbook to the compendium, not only so new players don't lose knowledge of things they've seen when they die, but also for the rare scenario like with Pearl's pearl.

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