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A slight rework in the animation for how intense it rains in the caves would be appreciated

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On the surface, the animation of how heavily its raining increases with the precipitation rate of the world.

However for the caves, it doesn't matter how hard it rains, the animation is still the same.

This makes it somewhat confusing for me in the caves as I can only tell the intensity of the acid rain based on how quickly my health chips away.

Having the intensity of animation change based on the precipitation rate of the caves for both rain and acid rain would be appreciated .

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15 minutes ago, -Variant said:

I'm pretty sure the rain intensity scaled in the caves as well. Is this not the case?

From what I remember, it spawns a different prefab for the cave rain compared to the surface.

I remember having to run a command to acurately figure out what the precipitationrate of the world was for this reason.

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