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New shaodw items are awesome, getting the materials tho.

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First of i want to say that i do agree that by comparison the new shadow gear seems to have a lot less items and overall features than the lunar one, however i would like to point that they seems a lot better thought.

The shadow reaper is actually a new tool that does samething new unique and usefull, saving uncountable amounts of time when farming. And as a weapon, paired with the new armor, its actually incredibly fun and more unique, dealing more dmg for each consecutive hit that you land, we finally have a weapon with more dmg than the darksword with an interesting gimmick.

Yes having to wear both pieces of armor doesnt look like particulary well desgin becuase basically you cant get protection for the million enviromental hazards that can kill you while fighting, but we have to remember in theory all this items will get buff once the characters get align with one faction.

Finally on the umbralla, we now have new gear for the new events, for me thats the thing of way this update its so much better than taking root. Because it actually feels like the world has change and we now have new mechanics that affect it as a whole. Sure, we need more ways to conter the rain, absolutly, and boulders shouldt destroy structures. But the cocnept of having new weather and threats happening its sucha good concept, just think about how this could evolve.

Seasonal bosses on the caves, tornados and tsunamies on the overworld after enabling the lunar rifts, seasonal bosses on the surface having a horror version and respawning after been killed if rifts are active, a snow strom like uncop, the posibilitys are endless.

But finally my biggest concern on this post, collecting the dark tatters is and awfull experience, brightshades and lunar rifts have a better aproach in my opinion because been something you encounter practicly each 5 days yout tend to gain them pasivly, but the inkmonsters are more like a mini boss that spawns in a random location of the caves, having to find them is tedius and time consuming and the items, at the moment are not worth the time investment.

My sugestions for trying to make this concept better are as follows:

-once the rift progresses each day it contaminates a fissure with dreadstone, and stays like that forever, and only spawns the new creatures if the player breaks them.

-The shadow rifts hint you, maybe with a crack on the ground telling you in which direction the infested fissure is

-The monsters spawn on the shadow rift the moment this despawns, or every time it enters the nightmare phase, if another nightmare phase begins and the creatues stay alive no more will spawn.

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disagreed. Getting the materials requires player input and is interesting to do, more interesting than the Lunar counterpart. And the items aren't better than the Lunar ones in my honest opinion. They are not well developed yet. I hope this will change.

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6 hours ago, Malfario said:

but the inkmonsters are more like a mini boss that spawns in a random location of the caves, having to find them is tedius and time consuming

They aren’t quite that random, actually! Whenever the ink blights spawn timer is ready (which I haven’t quite figured out the timing of yet), the first nightmare fissure you walk by will always spawn them. This means you can reliably just walk to the nearest one to check if they are ready to fight or not. If you do flee the fight, the next nightmare fissures you find after a small cooldown will also spawn them

I personally like this approach since it’s easy to fight the enemies when you want to, and it doesn’t involve the entire cave system getting infested with mini boss mobs at all times.

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