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Insulation In Scrapbook is confusing

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In this image, we are shown that the Umbralla has a 120 insulation with a snowflake next to it.

I thought the snowflake meant it had Winter Insulation. Then I saw that the Eyebrella also had the snowflake next to it; turns out that all items with insulation shows the snowflake.

I suggest that clothes that provide Summer Insulation is given the sun emote and clothes with Winter Insulation is given the snowflake.


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I think it is confusing even then. I think maybe instead use some sort of thermometer + an arrow indicating which direction the insulation goes. Using a snowflake could mean "you use this in winter" or "this keeps your snowflake (cold) up", and vice versa for sun.

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1 minute ago, ButterStuffed said:

Some arbitrary value to denote how effective the insulation will be necessary.

A new player isn't going to look at 60-120-240 and understand what that means at all.

They'll know what it means generally b/c higher number is better, and relatively b/c certain items will be stronger than others.  I don't think this is a problem, and hope the scrapbook continues exposing actual numbers from the game so wikis are less needed.

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