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Deadly Brightshade weird Aggro/Hostility

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Well, I wanted to suggest that the deadly brightshade could stop attacking passive mobs like Globber and Chester (and maybe some others, i tested a few)

I get that the gestalts infect the plant and become agressive, but why they attack some passive creatures like the ones i mention, but not others like gekkos or glommer or "no-eyed-deer". 

And else, why do they attack some neutral mobs like, pig/bunny/merm but not beef/koalefant/voltgoat.

and some other hostile creatures have a weird interaction with it, the DeadlyBS tend to attack with their vines Pigguards, Mactusks  and powdermonkeys but not bishops/knights or spiders or hounds.

But hounds seemed the only hostile creature that can Aggro on the BShade itself.


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