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[Game Update] - 111440

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Update (Xbox - released May 23, 2023)

  • Lunar Rifts will now try very hard to spawn outside of base areas.
  • Brightshade plant target priority was changed to make controller players have a better time targeting the plants.
  • Improved controller targeting priority for Unseen Hands during Ancient Fuelweaver fight.
  • Mushrooms added to world regrowth; world settings to come at a later time.
  • Wagstaff will no longer stick around after defeating the Celestial Champion if rifts are already open or if they are turned off through world settings.
  • Adjusted the Monkey Queen's rewards to streamline obtaining each and allows for more trades afterwards to be worth doing.
  • Wagstaff will no longer cause spiders to come out of their dens when walking over webbing.
  • Fixed an issue where random parts of the map could be missing after loading a world.
  • Fixed an issue where ground textures would be missing or disappear, including the Archive Orchestrina puzzle and meteor scorch marks.
  • Fixed black bars appearing randomly on the minimap.
  • Fixed graphical corruption when zooming the minimap in and out.
  • Fixed positioning of Enlightened Crown, Ocean Fishing Rod, and Antlion Hat containers in split screen.
  • Fixed Mushrooms not saving their growth time correctly.
  • Fixed Mushrooms being able to be picked up when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a crash with Terrorclaws trying to attach itself to a boat.
  • Fixed a crash with Brightshade Vines being hit.
  • Fixed herd members forming herds too quickly making multiple herds next to each other.
  • Fixed a sound on the Brightshades when they entangle a plant.
  • Fixed insanity sound effects playing over each other going in and out of lunacy areas.
  • Punching bags will no longer have their damage indicators grow in size while idle.
  • Burnt small trees will no longer have a small thin white line on it when zoomed out.
  • Lunar tree saplings will no longer have a small white pixel floating off in the distance.
  • Replanted plants will now correctly be included for arena detection.
  • Removed duplicate tradable components being added onto Enlightened Shards.
  • Fix the world not looking for good arena spots when loading from a world where a timer is active.
  • Lunar Rifts will once again be tile aligned to fit the turf theme.
  • Punching bags will now properly show zero damage received when fully blocking incoming damage.
  • Fixed an uncapped particle system that could cause crashes if repeatedly started.
  • Fixed an item duplication issue with Lunar Rifts terraforming pickable items such as reeds or grass.
  • Fixed a crash related to portals during a rollback.
  • Fixed Astral Detectors pointing to Celestial Altar pieces when carried by players.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Crab King when going away during its arm spawn phase.
  • Moonblind birds will no longer get stuck on trees and other colliding objects when landing.
  • Added a signature to the signed 10th year anniversary vignette.

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4 hours ago, JanH said:

Improved controller targeting priority for Unseen Hands during Ancient Fuelweaver fight.

Thank you!  I appreciate any improvements we can get to controller based game play.  I will definitely test this out on my save for Fuelweaver...that is certain one issue that was frustrating me, but not sure it was ultimately what prevented me from winning.  I am very hopeful more improvements/customizations for controllers are on the horizon as i am absolutely loving playing on my xbox.  Unfortunately I feel like for the tougher bosses that require a combination of inventory management, melee weapons and ranged weapons I will be stuck cheesing them.  

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