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Using Set Pieces + Wagstaff (Grainy Transmission) To Teach Players Stuff

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I don't know if this is my idea. I feel like I've seen it before. It's also possible I saw it in a dream I had when I was sleeping.
Anyway, the reason I imagine this might be a useful suggestion is that it could potentially aid in drawing a larger audience of people to DST, or "bridging a gap" to a wider variety of personality types. I don't want more people to play DST with, but I do want to see DST appeal to as many people as possible and stack much cash money, thus keeping DST fertile for as long as possible. Considering that I've recently learned that a DST2 is not a good idea, the next best thing I can think of trying to do is preserve the precious DST that already exists. 

The closest example I can think of for what I'm suggesting is "Claptrap" from the 'Borderlands' series. When a player initially enters the Borderland game, there is a Robot named 'Claptrap' that is in need of help nearby. He will tell the player what he needs help with, as well as provide general Gameplay and Story information.
Once the player has finished helping 'Claptrap' he becomes loyal and affectionate towards the Player and does everything it can to assist the player in understanding how the game functions, what's taking place in the story, general tips and tricks. 

I'm imagining a World Generation Setting called "New Player Mode", which is On by default. If a World is generated with this Setting On they will spawn into a World where Wagstaff (Grainy Transmission) is nearby, shouting at a Half Broken Structure. He tells the New Player that he's trying to fix this Half Broken Structure to gain access to more advanced technology. He tells the player exactly what materials are needed to fix this Half Broken Structure, what tools are needed to collect these materials and where to look for these materials.He tells the player to return to him when they have collected all the needed materials. When the player returns with the needed material, Wagstaff tells the player to look in their Crafting Panel, under the Structures Tab for a Science Machine and Build it for him. The player clicks Build in their Crafting Panel and the character automatically moves to the Half Broken Machine and repairs it into a Science Machine. Wagstaff congratulates the player on gaining access to more Advanced Technology. 

There are a million places this can go from here, probably another quest to upgrade that Science Machine into an Alchemy Engine, or building a Firepit to help survive that first dark and scary Night. But I think this illustrates what I have in mind for appealing to New Players or "bridging a gap", assuming a gap even exists.

I can go on and on with how this can operate in the game, but I don't even know if it's a good idea to begin with. I'd be interested what other people think. 

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Wagstaff being a helping hand is a good idea, but I doubt they would add him as a tutorial, as they already tried this with Maxwell in early iterations of don't starve and did not like the results. I'd prefer if he showed up once you started the quest line in some way, like appearing at the entrance to the ancient archives, appearing after getting pearl's pearl etc.

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It would be helpful, you'd like to see him added to the game to teach players, but they didn't like him and it's not gonna happen.

Oh well, at least I shared my idea and learned that what they do like is people not understanding how the game functions, youtube video tutorials and DSTwiki website research. 

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I'd rather just have books I could keep notes in. Maybe adding some of them into Science tab like creature compendium and research notes. If you are near one of those creatures around the world it would take notes client wise and things to suggest you should try doing.

Maybe adding a book for beginner campers of the wilderness for food solutions and to have basic idea of what to upkeep and be aware of.

Lastly a book of adventures where it would take notes of your surroundings like old structures, interests of where to go and try exploring, notes of dangers that seem to lurk in those areas. Also armor and weapon comparisons after trying out.

Those guides could end up being pretty damn big but in a more compressed form.

The only issue I see this is that you gotta be a pretty big nerd to want to read through it all, so gotta take the short attention spans of people into thought when making these guides.

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The only issue I see this is that you gotta be a pretty big nerd to want to read through it all, so gotta take the short attention spans of people into thought when making these guides

I think the game already has big nerd appeal. Big nerds can handle DSTWIki, Video Tutorial Research. I can research with the best of 'em.
The people I'm thinking of appealing to are the non-autistic folk. 

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