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Issues with Wilson's Beard Storage

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Apologies if someone has brought this up already, I tried combing through the forums a bit to make sure but I didn't see anything along these lines.

I've been playing Wilson quite a lot recently and been exploring his new insights, and whilst I've been heavily enjoying all the new traits you can get for him, I've noticed two "issues" (using this lightly as you'll see with the first one, but the second one is definitely an issue). 

The first being that when you have anything stored in his beard if you pick up a similar food item it doesn't stack into the beard storage but rather it goes into your regular inventory/backpack storage. Now this isn't a major problem, obviously you can just drag the item into the stack, it's more convenience sake.

and my second issue which I only noticed earlier today whilst playing with a friend, is that upon being rained on and having the rain meter in effect, it covers up the storage and makes it inaccessible. (As shown below)



At the time I only had one slot of storage so I'm not sure if the meter would block the whole three slots with a full beard. Again I never noticed until now since we started a new world together so I guess as long as you have rain gear it won't be an issue.

I don't think that these are major issues, the first one is just a bit of a convenience issue (especially for someone such as myself who often walks around with a full inventory), but the second one is definitely something I want to bring attention to and if there's any solution to it than that would be nice.

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