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My feeling about the atrium part of the ruins

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Currently, I'm trying to understand the secrets of the fossils found in the caves.

If it's quite easy to discover that we can plant it and rebuild an entire squeleton, it's way more difficult to see what to do next.


As I played with Wilson, he says that it's not yet alive. So my first mind was to use a tale-tell heart or a life giving amulet ... and discovered it's not the thing to do.

After many hours of thinking, I can't see what to do, because nothing in the game gives an hint about it.
I'm the type of players who like to understands how things works by myself. but for this one part, I have to check the wiki.

When I saw what to do ... I think : "How am I supposed to understand that I have to check each tentacle to discover a secret part of the ruins. And how am I supposed to understand that I can get a special revive item from level 3 shadow chess pieces if I never see them ?"


For the tentacles, to be honest, I tried to kill one, got that it is some sort of worm hole ... but also understood that the timer before it resets is so short that I've quickly loose all interest in killing them, and so never discovered that there's one special couple of tentacles for the atrium. :(

Maybe the timer should be extended.

Even if it's easy to kill a tentacle, just let enough time for players to try all tentacles before reseting the first ones. ;)


And for shadow chess pieces, I always complete and break only one suspicious marble at a time. And so I've never have the chance to see that these shadows can upgrade.

For this part, maybe some of the broken chess pieces in the ruins could be replaced by shadow chess pieces instead, so that a player can see at least once that it can upgrade. ;)


Additionnaly, maybe the tale-tell heart and the life giving amulet could have an effect on the squeleton. Even if don't revive a fullweaver. ;)



in my mind, a game should always give players a chance to discover things by themsleves, instead of having to go read a solution. :)

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Not with this game, you need to research outside of the game to understand how the game functions., Watch Tutorials, read DST Wiki, search the Forums, ask other people that have already done these things to tell you how the game functions.
Not only has Klei done little to remedy this, every new Update and Seasonal Event, they add more to the game that requires research outside of the game.
So, I wouldn't hold my breath is what I'm saying, I guess. 

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