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The documents contained within this file are of top secret nature, all conjecture, discussion, and crackpot theories exist as such and are not to be taken as anything else; reader discretion is advised.

Information has been redacted for your safety and security. 


Klei Entertainment - Wikipedia   KLEI HEADQUARTERS image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png 


NAME:     @DiogoW                                                                                                        

KNOWN ALIASES:    @Leonidas IV, "Secret Projects Guy"                             

STATUS:     DEVELOPING                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



DATE OF BIRTH:  image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png                                                                    SCARS AND MARKS:   HAND LACERATIONS FROM VIGOROUS TYPING     

PLACE OF BIRTH:    image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png                                                              HAIR COLOR:    DARK                                                                                                          

HEIGHT:   TALLER THAN WILSON BUT SHORTER THAN MAXWELL               EYE COLOR:   DARK                                                                                                             

WEIGHT:    image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png                                                                                SPECIES:    HUMAN OR SOMETHING MORE?                                                          

BUILD:   ALPHA v.0.01image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png                                                                                                                                                                                                              

OCCUPATION:    FORMER MODDER / KLEI DEVELOPER                                                                                                                                                                                            


REMARKS:    On or about the time of the 10th Anniversary for the game "Don't Starve" from beloved indie development studio Klei Entertainment, newly intercepted documents have revealed information that the individual known as @DiogoW is involved in a top secret series of projects for the aforementioned studio. Internal sources claim the details of said projects are kept under the strictest of secrecy and their true nature are only known to a select handful of employees with the individual in question simply being regarded as the "Secret Projects guy".

@DiogoW is newly indoctrinated to the ranks of Klei, having previously played image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png of both the singleplayer and multiplayer versions of "Don't Starve" before diving into the modding scene and developing a series of extremely well received and highly influential mods on the steam workshop under the alias @Leonidas IV. It is believed that image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png at Klei took notice of the substantial work being done, particularly a series of mods dedicated to fixing bugs that have existed in "Don't Starve" for years.  Previous intel has shown that Klei has had a keen interest in fixes these bugs for quite some time and the sudden appearance of @Leonidas IV on the scene provided a solution that our source - image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png says was too hard to pass up for the company. 

Details are scarce about the meeting but on or about January 2023 the first fruits of this labor were revealed with an announcement from Klei that a series of updates for "Don't Starve" were planned along with a new testing branch of the game from one mysterious @DiogoW.  Close surveillance of the situation showed that reception was overwhelmingly positive and over the next couple of months numerous updates continued to roll out showing that this newly recruited developer possessed an immense knowledge of the singleplayer version of the game and was more than capable of squashing a vast amount of bugs.  It  was later discovered by double agents  codename: image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png as well as image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.pngthat the new, mysterious developer in question was in fact @Leonidas IV, the author of aforementioned popular mods - a fact that they later admitted to in writing

With the completion and final update for the singleplayer version of "Don't Starve", our analysts are already hard at work decoding the latest intel and what codename: "Secret Projects guy" is currently up to.  One top analyst image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png and chief of image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png believes with his vast knowledge of the singleplayer workings and commitment to "doing a bunch of things" that Klei has been "dying to do", it is possible that his tasks are not independent from the singleplayer knowledge that he has built up while working on the game.

Extended observation of the state of the community has shown that it has long been requested that singleplayer characters missing from "Don't Starve Together" be included in the game. Is it possible that aliens   this task could have been given to @DiogoW due to his experience and vast knowledge with the singleplayer version of the game after being entrenched in it for months fixing bugs and porting QOL fixes to the game?

Analysts also conclude that, perhaps, one of the biggest missed opportunities from these latest singleplayer updates was not having skins be added to the game. Intel states that these secret projects are firmly taking place in "Dont Starve Together" and that the singleplayer version of the game will not get future updates so perhaps.....

Following in the footsteps of Oxygen Not Included, another title from Klei, it is surmised that this secret project could focus on bringing parity of the two "Don't Starve" games into one package. Oxygen Not included released as a standalone title to overwhelming positive reception, and a later DLC was developed that was launched separately from the main mode.  Perhaps "Don't Starve Together" will allow players who own the singleplayer version of the game to access that game as a seperate mode, and with this new functionality skins can finally be incorporated?

Another theory  from image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png suggests a "Dont Starve Together" version of Adventure mode could possibly be in the works. Overall, the statement "have been dying to do" is rather vague, but the designation of @DiogoW as leader of this separate division seems to suggest something unique, and different from the main offering of updates.   


It is recommended that we pay close attention to @DiogoW to monitor the situation going forward.        


Below you will find the remarks of willing participants who have come forth to participate and give their expert opinions, testimonies, and speculation on what these secret projects are, as well as their mastermind, what they entail, and what very well may be the fate of image.png.41b48388591ff5e26489d02d42377a30.png.     



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