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Wilson's rework is cool

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as of this moment, it seems a bit unfortunate to not see much of anything new aside from

  • a skill tree, which has not happened before so conceptually its neat
  • torch throwing, which seems to be a fix for new players trying to use stuff and not burning it (although does not fix that issue, probs best to make the default interaction interact, and hold alt or ctrl for burning)
  • A joke perk, storing food in ones beard, aside from being 3 slots for food, not game changing
  • alchemy swiping items, seemingly a change for the sake of people who join late and are struggling to find a resource (hence the niter to gold and not gold to niter or rocks to flint etc.) 

If one was hoping for something new and exciting for Wilson's rework, the best part will more than likely be either powering up the archives with ease once dfly or ruins have been killed or rushed through respectively, or the animation. 

all things considered, I hope the goal of the rework is successful what ever it's intent.


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Its weak.

Torch perks: really? I guess radius and durability bonuses are made for new players that have  troubles staying alive in the dark, but thats about it. I would like to have these bonuses attached to lantern or miner hat, after all, all things fiery are Willows thing.

Alchemy transmutation: Cool concept, bad release. Only few of transmutations are worth making, and other are either bad or have laughable price.

Beard: ok, its a beard upgrades. Better insulation, faster growth speed. Obviously, made for new players that have problems with winter. Usless to other kind of players, but could be in theory ok for idle farming beard hair. Oh, and also beard food storage, its just there. Cant hide my meatballs/meaty stew in there? Usless to me.

Fuelweaver aftermath perk: Cool idea again, but prices are bad

Overall: Pls fix alchemy prices and change some transmutations. I guess Klei wont toch beard and torch skills cuz its ment for newbies, so... Oh well. Waiting for full release, so I can see new short, roadmap, and, of course, ability to weave GoF and Survivor skins.

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Even though I can’t play the rework I am pretty disappointed & confused by it- mainly the torch skill tree.. what is this? Why does it even need to exist??? I do have only ONE suggestion to improve it.. which would canonically make sense Lore Wise as well.. but it’s such a “Niche” suggestion that it’s probably not even worth considering. Anyway: I think the “Torch” skill tree should also effect These:


If these were made to simply light up in the presence of a Wilson, (the same way Maxwells lights did in Adventures mode of Solo DS..) then the Torch skill tree would be a pretty nifty perk for Wilson, same way a Bernie only enlarges in the presence of a Nearby Willow.

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