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New Wilson is Kind of.. Meh, and not a Good "Tutorial" Character

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Wilson's Inspiration System:

Wilson's new inspiration system attempts to to pull in new players and incentivize them to keep playing for eh.. cool upgrades. Accumulating inspiration over time makes sense, since overwhelming players with a whole skill tree in addition to everything else would just confuse them. The crafting menu does the same thing by hiding tier 2 recipes until players figure out tier 1. However, the current inspiration system won't help new players enjoy Don't Starve as much as they could.

It doesn't provide content to experiment with, and may encourage boring gameplay. New players might stick with familiar things to stay alive and rack up those points, even if it gets repetitive. Best case, they get a longer lasting torch or faster growing beard, but nothing they couldn't have figured out up to that point.

Instead of only rewarding inspiration over time, players could additionally take on permanent drawbacks to unlock better perks and more inspiration points. For example, Wilson could antagonize Charlie to make her hit him harder and faster. In return, Wilson gets inspiration and better armor durability against weaker attacks. This implicitly exposes new players to the concept of armor and challenges them to master the night.

This tweak to the current system also opens up opportunities to create perks that are meaningful to experienced players, accompanied by downsides that are would only be taken on by those willing to take that risk. Experienced players would have something to play with, while new players could gradually take on bigger risks at their own discretion. In the case that a new player chooses a drawback that is too difficult, The drawbacks could reset automatically on death, to prevent new players from being trapped with drawbacks they can't handle.

Wilson's Available Perks:

As of right now Wilson's perks are plain uninteresting. The Wilson oriented perks are just not interesting enough to keep players on him, and if Wilson's most interesting abilities revolve around recycling plentiful resources into slightly more useful resources then he will be marked as craft and swap kind of character. More impactful perks that rely on Wilson's continued presence and present players with a unique set of options would make Wilson more of a mainstay character.

For instance, Wilson could gain a perk that constantly drains his sanity, but grants him immunity to nightmare monster damage, instead directing it towards his beard cutting away at the length until he is fully vulnerable again, or, Meat Effigies are significantly more powerful when used by Wilson.


To put it lightly, I am a bit disappointed at his current state. It's a great idea, but just not different enough to make him fun. I hope it's not too late to make some adjustments considering he is the face of the game. If it is to make any meaningful adjustments, I can't see myself playing him, or recommending new players play him in his current state.

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