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Dreadstone armor calls for aditional perks

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As it is right now the dreadstone armor seems a bit bland and as many people already pointed out its not really worth the trouble.

The chestplate is decent, having high durability, 95 % dmg protection, and no throwback to wear its good. Between the two pieces this could be fine as it is, in particular for maxwell and wanda this armor its actually very good and an alternative to thulecite or night armor.

The helmet however gets easily replaced with thulecite crown, less of a hazard to obtain and offers the shield perk.

My sugestion is to make that aside form their stats the dreadstone kit could have aditional perks that make it more usefull in certain scenarios, for example:

-Make it so the helmet can make every weapon spawn shadow tentacles like the club.

-Make it so each piece offers a 50 % reduction to sanitty auras and having both of them completly negates them, it will be worth doing the boss fight a few timesas preparation for fuelweaber.

-Make it increase speed boosts, if you are only wearing the helmet then it wont add any speed boost BUT if aside the helmet you are holding a cane, the hat will increase the speed boost of the cane from 25% to 35%.

-Make it so if we are low health the armor will spawn the same nightmare creatures that annoys the boss to help us fight increasing our dps, but if we are low sanity the creatures willl attack us.

These are just 4 of the many many posibilitys there could be for dreadstone, i am sure the devs can and will come up with something better than what i just said, But the general point is that this new armor calls for perks aside its stats.

Please answer this post with your ideas for dreadstone.

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if they keep the ammount of materials dropped, the fight isn't worth at all.


what about attaching a shadow leech when an enemy hits you?

i really like this one

1 hour ago, Malfario said:

-Make it so the helmet can make every weapon spawn shadow tentacles like the club

edit. also i think the boss should drop a little ammount of pig skin. Feels weird to kill a giant werepig but you obtain a obsidian armor as rewars xd

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I think the armor is fine (well the helmet is a little meh), it is mostly the acquisition of the materials that is a little iffy. Bump it up so you can make 2 sets per kill possibly? Unless of course dreadstone will be more frequently used in the future. We shall see.

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If you have to go to the ruins to get the pick/axe for the fight, then it makes no sense for the reward from the boss to be worse than the gear from ruins. You could just stay in the ruins to get more armor, ignore the new boss and that will be profit.


While having new content is nice, not acting optimally in a survival game can cost your life. So this boss as it currently is would be skipped for the sake of strategy and efficiency.

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