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Of all the characters that have been reworked WX-78 
is the only one that got the weakest.
The old one was stronger, with 1 lightning I managed 
to stay with light, immune to cold, maximum speed, 
didn't waste time,
High health, high sanity, high hunger.

The new one can only choose 1 of each and even weaker.

As for the other characters, they all got stronger than 
they were before.

WX was the opposite, it got weaker.


The old one had a unique and cool feature of being electrified.
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the old one needed to waste a lot of purple gems and living logs or a second player to stay overcharged

their stats made them boring because in a survival game isnt fun to know you won't die even when you commit mistakes

their downside was a joke

the new one has easier access to their perks via electric milk, winonas generators or simply waiting

has a wider variety of perks and getting them is a fun quest

his downside is way more noticeable and has impact in the new ocean content 


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I understand, but it's still weaker than the old one.  Perhaps increasing the number of slots from 6 to 8-10 according to the amount of gear eaten will solve this problem  Or increase slots with live time. 


For example staying a long time alive without dying or eating too many gears earns new slots, more space for chips.

 10 gear = new slot

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