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what might be an overly specific concept for the wilson rework

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Back when ds was a browser game there was this mechanic called research points, basically you had to convert items into these points with a scince machine and you need them to prototype things, it was a grindy and an unnecesary stepstone in order to protoype so eventually it was removed.

But i thought about a way to reintroduce this mechanic exclusivly to wilson that is not that grindy. Wilson can transform materials into research points and with said research points he can use them to protoype items for which he doesnt have all the materials.

Lets say you want to craft a beautifull shadow armor for a ruins rush, however you dont have any nightmare fuel to craft it and you dont want to farm fuel on that specific moment, at the cost of lets say 2 cut stone grinded into reseach points you can learn how to do the shadow armor (not crafting it only unlocking the recepy) and when you arrive to the ruins you just have to kill some creatures and craft it.

I think this can unlock a lot of strategys as wilson during early game, the amounts of points gotten from certain materials sure should have to be well thought, because make it to expensive and it will not be worth doing.

This idea emerged in a FreddoFilms stream, credits to him for the idea of resurrect research points.

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Originally I wanted him to gain some new powers from his time spent on the nightmare throne as a nod to having canonically being the one to progress through 5 randomly generated worlds and choosing to forgive Maxwell for the torture he endured along the way.. 

But the a little Drama update implies Charlie was trailing behind him the entire time and as soon as he took the throne, she wanders in and strips him from it instantly.

So there goes my rework hopes…

But he will probably defiantly get science related perks, and this idea sounds like science so it’s pretty good! I just hope he also gets the chemical beakers he is shown pouring over into some helpless ducks mouth in the character select screen from solo DS.

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17 minutes ago, Evelo said:

Refresh not rework

I hope they don't do too much in his refresh honestly. Wilson is the template and I feel he should remain that way personally.

Same, I really like Wilson for how basic he is. I don't know what they are going to do with his refresh but I hope it's not too big.

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I think Wilson should be the basic character. In fact, he should be made even more basic. 

* no longer grows a beard

* when examining objects, he will simply state the name of the object.

* has 100 of each stat

* if you eat any flavorful/exotic food he will lose sanity and health, so you better stick to meatballs and ratatouille

* sanity is drained when around objects with special skins

* has only one emote, which makes him stay perfectly still and stare at the camera




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4 hours ago, goblinball said:

I think giving Wilson research points back is a fun nod to the DS beta, although this idea feels like a worse version of Wickerbottom’s Everything Encyclopedia book; I think it’d need smth else to stand out more and have more of its own niche.

i would argue both mechacnics while similar offer different strategys, however the point of this mechanic is to just add a little early advanatage as well as making a cool easter egg from the old days, by no means pretends to compare to wickers books

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