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[W] Animal backpack/critters [H] Various heirloom/distinguished/elegant duplicates


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I'm looking for the following backpacks:

  • Beefalo Carryall
  • Catcoon Carryall
  • Rabbit Rucksack
  • Scorching Satchel
  • Smallbird Satchel

I'm also looking for these critters:

  • Arctic Vargling
  • Penglet
  • Snowy Glomglom
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Wyvernling

And lastly, I'm also looking for Rose Pike.

Valuable duplicates I can offer:

  • Flappy straw hat
  • Polar Broodling, Snowkit
  • Bumble spear
  • Shadow and Rose tops for Wes, Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Maxwell, and WX-78 (if you want >2 of these, let me know, I have more stashed away)


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