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Please change the mod disable system

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So, like every time an update hits, i go through the process of finding out what mods are running and which are not.

And everytime an error occurs, the game just disables a bunch of mods i do KNOW, they are NOT the problem, but wont disable the last activated mod. 

Please @klei give us a button, that let us ignore the disable suggestion and just disable by hand. I do not like to have to re-enable every mod i know it is working by hand one by one again and again. 

Thank you ;)


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The "blame" system for crashing mods is not very good. When a crash happens in some specific call stacks, almost all mods get "blamed" and disabled.

Giving us the option to disable nothing and find the broken mod on our own is a good idea. I think fixing the blame system, or at least making it less "confident" would also just eliminate many cases where mods get disabled unecessarily. The blame system should try to be 100% certain a mod is the cause of the crash before disabling it, if it's not 100% sure it's likely to find several mods that could be the cause and disable them all without good reason. Maybe even just disabling one mod per crash would at least let us incrementally re-launch the game and see which mod was disabled when that finally fixed the crash.

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