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  1. The Clear Floor sandbox tool deletes all pickupables in a cell. Equipments are pickupable and stored at (0,0) while equipped. I think many other objects are "hidden" in that corner of the map too. If you try to "Clear Floor" or "Delete" the items in the (0, 0) cell it will cause a crash.
  2. Sounds like a fun small mod. Any other modders interested in doing this? I would make it 2x2 to avoid the cable routing madness. Another option would be to use a shared 4 bit bus, so you can route one ribbon to all of the pixels. Then have a separate single automation input to tell the building to read the bus. Sort of like addressable pixels. Or maybe using a row and column input so you can have a proper addressable matrix. 0000 would be off / black. Also when no automation is connected. Then rotate through the color spectrum for each increment. Red, Yellow, Green Could also use 1 bit for brightness making it 8 colors and 2 brightness levels for each. 0000: Black 0001: White 0010: Dark Red 0011: Bright Red 0100: Dark Yellow 0101: Bright Yellow 0110: Dark Green 0111: Bright Green 1000: Dark Cyan 1001: Bright Cyan 1010: Dark Blue 1011: Bright Blue 1100: Dark Purple 1101: Bright Purple 1110: Dark Magenta 1111: Bright Magenta Or even better, just use these as defaults and let the user customize the palette in a config file.
  3. It would be nice if the supported method had an optional parameter to insert buildings after a specific building ID. Many modders choose not to use the officially provided method because they wanted to place their building near another one in the list.
  4. The critter drop-off uses the `TreeFilterable` component with an `acceptedTags` list that has all of the tags for critters. When a building has the `TreeFilterable` component, the side screen will automatically show up and allow you to pick from that list of tags. So I think that's a good start. You do not need to make your own UI if you can make that list of checkboxes work for your sensor idea.
  5. It seems that it is possible for the game to keep running the simulation in the background when the crash/exception screen is shown. You can hear dupes working away and things are happening despite the error being shown on the screen. One major problem about this is that the auto save will still happen when the game is in this state!