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Pls add ‘Never’ setting for seasonal events.

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Currently theres only ‘default’ and ‘always’.

default means ur subject to the yearly cycle and cannot avoid them. (As i found out this hallowed nights) 

not to be the grinch but i find all the extra junk that drops from mobs during winter’s feast (and hallowed nights) really annoying. And the random junk scattered all over the world like pumpkins and trinkets. And the annoying tiny gingerbread pig leaving its crumbs all over the place. 

a setting to avoid seasonal events would be appreciated.

I imagine this would also be nice for people who want completely vanilla worlds no matter the time of year.

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Oooh, @Guille6785 im assuming u mean this? I couldnt find the individual disabling settings u described. 


Cant believe i didnt notice it sooner :lol: this mustve been in the game since forever. Or maybe i forgot :wilson_facepalm:  the settings pages are such a maze to me. Thanks! 

I tested it out and the setting doesnt turn off events u put on ‘always’, it must just turn off the seasonal cycle which is awesome! (In case u want forever halloween but not be subject to seasonal winters feast etc) 

This way individual ‘never’ settings for each event are not needed. 

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