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Toadstool Buffs

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Toadstool feels like it is the most neglected boss people have on their minds due to the underwhelming drops compared to all other raid bosses loot table. Usually I only see people go out of the way to fight Toadstool especially the misery version for the sake of completing a 100% boss run or as for the sake of beating it. Here are some buffs ideas for toadstool drops so people are more incentivized to do the fight.

Funcaps: Hunger reduction feel too underwhelming of a benefit for a headwear piece to provide. While the spore production are a nice touch I feel like there should be an additional benefit that is unique based on the type of Funcap you wear during a time of day at least to give them more flavor

  • Red Funcap - During daytime the hunger reduction rate is increased from 25% to 50%  
  • Green Funcap - During dusk you are not effected by any sanity/insanity aura coming form external sources (such deerclops or CC) and equipment (such as dark swords)
  • Blue Funcap - During night the Funcap emits a blue light similar to a miners helmet (a nod to bioluminescence in real world mushrooms)

Mushlights/Glowcaps: Simple buff, massively increase the light radius such that one can light up a small base similar to a star caller staff. At one shroom skin per craft, they are relatively expensive for the little light they provide. 

Napsack: This is where I really see needing a buff. In order to even obtain this blueprint you need to kill misery Toadstool. The sleep status it provides is outclassed greatly by plan flutes and even sleep darts. Almost all of the time people only craft this to duplicate shroom skins and they don't ever use it for its intended purpose. Here are some buff ideas that are unique on what the knapsack can offer in combat and other applications. If it seems powerful, then misery Toadstool may be worthwhile to beat just for this item. 

  • double the radius the spore cloud (4x bigger in area) so its easier to hit multiple targets
  • massively increase spore cloud duration to half a day so it is effective in long fights
  • add the spores debuff to any mob or boss that are in the spore cloud: the creature takes 20% more damage from all sources and moves 20% slower, the effect lingers for 10 seconds if they leave the spore cloud
  • the sleep effect is still there but can only be applied once per spore cloud
  • the spores debuff can't stack with multiple spore clouds
  • occasional boom shrooms can occasionally appear in spore clouds to aid in dps (this can be omitted but feels like it fit in universe)

And for the Toadstool fight itself Toadstool spores can apply the spores debuff mentioned above to effect player characters too just make the fight a bit more spicy.

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Shouldn’t a drop from a boss that can endlessly spawn trees like Wickerbottom spamming her Horticulture books also have a loot drop with the same effects?

I mean look I’ve never actually CARED to fight Toadstool, mostly because there’s nothing of any real interest to me to gain from it.. Now if Klei updated the Funcap so that when walking near mushrooms that have previously been plucked or retreated into the ground outside of their time of day.. similar to how Wormwood only needs to run around on a farm plot to talk to and care for crops..

This would automatically take this drop from being pretty disappointing, to becoming a must have for Wickerbottom/Willow- two characters who’s entire gimmick revolves around sanity management.

And what better way to easily manage sanity- then with a head cap that instantly “talks to/Cares for” planted crops but in this case: Exclusively just to Mushrooms/Mushroom Trees.

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I think it'd be better if the napsack were replaced with a structure made of shroom skin that creates napsacks over time when the right ingredients are put in, kinda like the compost bin. The only thing is, it takes awhile to make one, so building multiple structures would be ideal.

I could definitely see myself using napsacks more often if I felt like they weren't impossible to acquire.

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i think nap sack can be a good replacement for pan flutes in some fights like BQ if they buff the duration. But still, if you have killed misery most likely you wont care about wasting 0'2 more green gems

maybe they could make damage over time while the enemies sleep but the food loot drops already half spoiled like how poison works on sw

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