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Space PoI temperatures

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Is this normal that I mine space PoI`s and these ores have that extreme temperatures?

r/Oxygennotincluded - Space PoI temperatures

Ice instantly evaporates into steam and mining uranium is pointless bcs it become liquid and after that I`m left with depleted uranium.

Is there something wrong with rocket or that is a "feature"?

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Discovered that only occurs on my sandbox save, most likely. Checked 1 PoI on main save and temperatures were slightly different from wiki (1-5C). Will see how others PoI`s behave in future.

Anyway this should not happen, even on sandbox. On both saves same mods are enabled so idk.

Ps. wasted entire day trying to figure how to deal with entombed stuff and breaking pipes xD

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Cargo bays are built with steel and "some raw mineral". I'm not sure if they're completely sealed from heat exchange but the raw mineral I've always used is ceramic, just in case the landing event has some bearing in that.

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