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just a question about DoTaskInTime

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49 minutes ago, dois raios said:

If i put like this

inst.DoTaskInTime(2, myfunction, 3)

Does it mean my function will happen after 3 seconds?

No, it will error as it is with the dot syntax.  Presuming you fix that to be inst:DoTaskInTime, then it'll run after 2 seconds and run myfunction with arguments (inst, 3) passed into it.
You can read more into the behaviour of this in scripts/entityscript.lua and scripts/scheduler.lua.  The initial delay part works for DoPeriodicTask.
inst:DoPeriodicTask(2, myfunction, 3) will invoke the timer after 3 seconds, and then repeat every 2 seconds, and pass only (inst) to the callback myfunction.

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