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How to recover your mod after they are deleted with the new mod bug step by step.

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This is not about prevent mod getting deleted, this is about recover already deleted mod. To prevent mod getting deleted, just set them to read only on your dst mod folder.
Step 1: Open your DST folder. This is located at your steam library, steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together
Step 2: Back up your cached_mod folder to somewhere safe. You can use them later to recover old version of any mods if you wanted.
If you already uninstall the game and reinstall new, well, you can stop now and hope some disk recovery app (recuva) can help you recover those file.
Step 3: Go to cached mod, and for your wanted mod, go to the lastest version
Step 4: open Download.cache with win rar.
Step 5: Make new folder in mod folder with the same name as the mod id
Step 6: Paste everything in download.cache to the new created folder.
Step 7: Set the new folder to read only so game wont delete the mod.
You can now go back to step 3 and continue recover all your lost mod. 

This is just a temporary fix for lost mod, you might have to set your mod folder to normal again after klei/steam fixed the bug.

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