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It's too easy to get pushed out of the shadow targeting range with the new sanity changes

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Since you have to stay below 50% sanity to enter combat with someone else's shadows, actively helping fight them off now requires either carefully monitoring the battle (either with a healthbar mod or just paying very close attention) so that the insane player gets most of the final blows, scarfing down glommer goop or greencaps or wielding a Bat Bat or something along those lines to force your sanity back down as you fight, or wearing an insanity-inducing piece of equipment like a Nightmare Amulet. Intentionally farming Nightmare Fuel off an insane player has also become a lot more cumbersome, except if the shadow-bait player is a Willow and everyone with a sanity meter just weakens the shadows so that BERNIE! can finish them off.

This happens because you get +15 sanity for killing a crawling horror and +33 for killing a terrorbeak no matter what your sanity level is or who it spawned for, plus if you're Wigfrid it's intensified by her per-hit sanity regeneration. The lower your character's maximum sanity, the fewer shadows you can kill before you're pushed out of the range that allows you to fight shadows; 33 sanity is nearly half Wes's sanity bar and a third of Webber's. It would be a lot easier to stay between around 20% and 49% sanity for the sake of a group shadow fight if you stopped gaining sanity from killing shadows either immediately when you're no longer insane enough for them to target you, or when you're getting close to the point where you can no longer attack them.

I also always thought it was very flavorful for your friends to fight off the shadows for you while you focused on recovering sanity in safer ways, which this update heavily limits, and that it was interesting lorewise that you can still hit shadows that are trying to eat your friend even if you're sane and can't see them (or can barely see them).

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How are you getting 'a lot' of sanity from your own shadows? They're supposed to deaggro when your sanity increases past 17.5%. Sometimes I can squeeze in another kill before they deaggro, especially if their health is already low, but usually they'll stop mid-combat. The one situation where they've behaved differently for me is if I was able to get away from them long enough to sleep in a tent and one or two shadows waited outside it the whole time, then when I wake up again they stay aggroed on me until they can land a hit but immediately deaggro if they do.

Are you talking about farming shadows with a nightmare amulet or a bone helm? I don't know when else it would come up for shadows that spawned on you, and even then it's a pretty niche use of those items since they drain sanity when worn. I don't actually have a problem with specifically limiting the effect to shadows that spawned on other people, but the reason I didn't specify that in the OP was because I didn't think it would make a difference for you to be unable to gain sanity from your own shadows when your sanity is high enough that you won't aggro, or see, any shadows.

My main concern here is that I have friends of all skill levels from very high to very low and play on public servers with strangers as well sometimes, and in the event that a new or casual player goes insane near me and I care about not having to revive them, I'm fine with lowering my sanity to enter combat but I don't like having to keep reducing it while I'm trying to help my friend who sucks at combat avoid dying to terrorbeaks. Nightmare fuel farming was an afterthought to that and in retrospect it's not that difficult to work some extra sanity reduction into a planned farming session, it's accidental insanity that I'm worried about.

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I really like the change, people have to deal with the downside of their insanity themselves now. Making insanity more dangerous. Hence new players need to learn to look after themselves an be independent or die..... this is Don't starves best teacher, death. Yeah teams can't farm nightmare fuel as well now but thats such a niche issue that it doesn't matter.

It has made Willow a nicer choice for protecting others from nightmares and team nightmare fuel farming now. Which is always good, Willow needs abit of love.

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