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I like the sanity targeting changes but it could get boring without good tools


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The new update has made so players can no longer attack shadow creatures that are attacking fellow survivors while mostly sane. I wanted to pronounce myself on the change which is on the paper quite the refreshment of how sanity interacts in multiplayer I'm favorable for.
But changing my mind would be rather easy, if I play to try that out and it turns out to be never available to help my friends other than relying on nasty food and gimmicky tools so often then it will definitively be a stale annoyance more than other.

I see it's already a shared feeling for similar and likely other reasons. Still I'd like to give a chance to this sort of modification as long we aren't empty handed against it, and I'm convinced there are a lot of tools that could be more useful than in their current state to help it.
Two comes to mind rather easily :

  • The Nightmare Amulet. It actually definitively works in a way you could keep your sanity and deal with shadows of all your friends, however I certainly have a problem on the tunings it comes with, it last even less than half a day, its crafting cost isn't in line with at the rest of amulets on the gem cost and double the gold cost of others requiring some and a lot of nightmare fuel, quite less than what you could get back from one, but in all the cases I will prefer to remain insane manually than use something that tax me so much fuel for using it.
    So... if I had to help someone I would have to first have it crafted and keep it in the inventory and probably try to juggle equipping different body items after attacking shadows to save some of its durability and return to whatever was on me before (armor / backpack).
    In short the item has no good practicality without a lot of sacrifices so at the time I would say it's a terrible deal but it could be wonderfully improved in a handful of upgrades :
    • A more standard cost : 1 purple gem, 3 gold nugget and 2 nightmare fuel
    • Either a lot more durability, at least a day so it's not something you'd worry too much about keeping equipped as little as possible before crafting more of them
    • Or make it refuelable, I don't think it would be too insane badum-tss has the item has so less to offer compared to playing with sanity foods and staying normally insane and is just thrown away once the Bone Helms are acquired, making it a real everyday tool with a short demand of fuel would make it worth the inventory slot and using it to help people, actually farm fuel with it or other pros like early enlightenment protection on the Lunar Island with a respectable cost.
  • The Night Light, I wouldn't have made a topic just to ask again for the amulet, this structure has less than nothing to it if not the fashion. Light sources in DST have evolved in such a way that non durable fuel lightings are gone rather quickly in the gameplay and while they last before you get Mush Lights this one isn't even an upgrade of the Firepits, and it wouldn't be difficult to think of solutions to improve it, especially with today's change :
    • Lit Night Lights could make any shadow creatures in the perimeter attackable, put some fuel and you would be able to target shadows while sane, the ones of our friends and even ours that follow us when we aren't totally insane. I'm talking to you, silly crawling horror in the chest room.
    • Of course I will only cover this for the Night Light since I'm here to talk about the targeting changes, which I want to see become a manageable feature. BUT, frankly, over the years I must have seen a dozen of suggestions for Night Light improvements and I believe pretty much all of them were worth applying because so much more could be done with a lot of freedom.
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Although I agree with giving these lackluster items more uses, does not being able to directly help friends against nightmare creatures really matter all that much? I'm really curious because whenever someone is insane and struggling it's usually because they don't have armor, a weapon, and/or low health. I just lend them my weapon, armor, and if they need it cook them a food and give it to them. This has been my go-to when helping other players with insanity to avoid killing their creatures and just exacerbating their issues.

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12 minutes ago, MadMatt said:

Although I agree with giving these lackluster items more uses, does not being able to directly help friends against nightmare creatures really matter all that much?

I didn’t had issues with the previous method, so never mattered to me as I’d just join the brawling on any shadows that pass I can attack unless / until I'm asked for something different but all methods worked, now some more than other indeed, I have to stop at a point cause I get too many killed and the friends don’t leave insanity but that makes a hell ton of nightmare fuel which we're fine with, or I just count damage so they get the kills and it ends there. While this could have lasted I’m only excited to see this change to renewed how I can get involved in differently designed steps and nicer logic than fight what we don’t see (just on a side note but I suppose the decision could stand there too), or eventually it will just stop me from keeping my friends in the base more insane, but definitely they’ll know what I’m up to if I equip a Nightmare Amulet if it works better for everyone favors :) Other than that I just have a preference for it but I can see where it’s lacking further playability adjustments to make it just more than fighting controls tweaks with an attempt of refresh on multiplayer interactions, it just need to not stop there and that’s a 10 for me.

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It solved the problem of attacking shadows when a player is using a bone helm and you are fighting with the player.

I remember fighting and then I hit a nightmare creature, I didnt die and the shadow creature forget me after some seconds, but it is annying every time you press F you attack an nightmare, because someone is using bone helm nearby you.

Even if this change dont change what I am talking about, i wouldnt agree, doesnt make sense to a sane player attack something that only insane players can attack

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