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World Generation Layout

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Hii,i'll try to not make a huge topic, world generation is good but the layout generation it's totally unpredictable, sometimes the biome it's literraly broken in thousands of small pieces, oasis/pig king spawn on the edges of the biomes, for PK there's no problem but for oasis, the sand storm stops and them wilfire start's to burn everything.

It took me 50 moded world generations to get a 'good oasis' 

and another 72 world generations without mod to get another decent world gen  and i got dogos on the biome after all...


I`m not saying that the world gen were bad in all thoose tries but the oasis in almost each one of them were extremely broken or bad place in such a way that wasn`t worth basing there cus the base would  get on fire

I think biomes should never get broken shapes at least the most important like pk/oasis/df cus in one of my gen worlds i got literraly oasis right beside dragonfly... 

Sometimes i got preety luck and in one or five regens i get decent oasis but the rest of the time i don't have such luck and i did a post about this some time ago and didn't get any good answers except for an mod which helped(thank u btw) a lot but unfortunaly even with that mod it din't help in most of the cases and made my world gen take minutes to build instead of seconds... 

Anyways, not saying this game bad or that the world gen is trash, i love dst and world gen it's always cool but please, don't leat the gen be so random that even important biomes get screwed by other generations... llike the second oasis which have dogs, it's kinda cool chalange to clean the dogs to get the place but it's kinda annoying to.


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The beta for me made some really weird worldgens, not sure if anything was changed there but for example I got a world where pig king and bee queen were literally next to each other (new ship in the lore, discuss) a hound fortress was inches away from dragonfly (keeping her in permanent angry state killing hounds all day) the moonstone biome was tiny and mactusk almost lived by it. 

It’s been odd.

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Also, could we have "random" preset for world gen? After so many hours in the game map is extremely predictable (There is always Mosaic biome next to starting biome; PK is usually either at the end of stone road or next to Mosaic, Oasis and MacTusk are often at edges of the world after Swamp and so on)

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