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  1. Yeah i know, sometimes i use my bush hat near to an pigskin blocked by statues to make the dogs loose me but after day 100 it's only 30s until they attack so i don't have enought time to run far away to the beefalos that's why i use traps but it's only viable cus i have lot of them and an wendy friend which helps killing them but thanks for the tips i'll try some of them.
  2. Summers it's annoying season beucase of two things, fire hounds and things burning but you don't need to build flingos to keep your mega base alive, just base on oasis it's the best place to live and there's nothing better than oasis, period. I built my megabase on oasis and an trap zone a little bit further away to deal with hounds and it's day 370 and nothing never got on fire but dealing with that stupid sandstorm effect for 15 days makes my eyes die so in summer i usualy go explore ruins and grab resources on caves and then i spent my other three seasons on surface and beside that if you already got the ruins you can easily build a moon caller staff and get your temperature bellow zero even in summer so there's enough counterplay to this season. Klei should only change the hounds attacks frequency, dude, after day 100 it's almost 25 hounds each three days it's annoying, i can't spent enough time building things cus i'm replacing my tooth traps to deal with them again.
  3. Hi, i was wondering if there any mods to place traps just holding space, tooth traps are hard to place cus they are big but the placement position it's small so i would like to just press space and put down in the nearest spot possible but i din't find anything related to this just mods to auto do task but they are really complicated to use or don't work at all or don't work for traps just for trees, anybody knows a mod which does something like what i said? Thanks. Cheers.
  4. Don't forget that any one can create an civil war using spider queen hat so even in this "unique" aspect webber it's useless so you're completely right about him.
  5. i liked the third ideia he's half spider and half a kid so if he get's "scared" by low sanity or low health would be cool if he activated an inner instict to protect himself and then becoming an warrior spider.
  6. Hello, i was wondering about Bull Kelp and i thik would be great if we had one way of remove Bull Kelp to plant in other places, since we can goo to the moon island and pick sobre Kelps to plant why we can't retrieve them again from water to plant in elsewhere if we want? i don't think this would make Kelp overpowered, we can push them with boats but it's hard to do it and sometimes they go through ground and get stuck but it's just my ideia what you guys think about it?. Cheers.
  7. Hello, i know there's a lot of post about Warly but i think we need to give him some attetion and i'm not talking about op character or anything like that. I think Warly don't worth the effort you need to put on him just to be able to survive ins't hard is just high cust/low reward you can only eat one food type and you must wait 15m to eat the same food again, okay i love to cook and i can do a lot of foods but why we need to wait so much to eat the same thing again? would be MUUUUCHHHH BETTER if we did one of thoose things. 1 - If you eat an diferent food the the timer reset for the first food you eated. 2 - If you eat an diferent food the timer of the rest of the foods decrease by 50% That would be great, since you can do some diferent foods and have time to do other things beside hunt for food 90% of your time. Warly food should give some bonus to other or to himself, like, normal food = 62 hunger, Warly's food = 82food, nobody in this game dies to starvation and there's nothing "OP" or "Broken" about a character being able to do better foods with better hungers values or even better, 30% on hunger, 5% on sanity, 2% extra on health, this would make everyone ask to Warly do the foods, when you play Warly in servers nobody care's about you doing the food, Warly is just another character that don't do anything usefull, spicy don't beat wolfgang insane damage or the amount of people just attacking at the same type one boss so people literraly say "We don't care about spice damage bonus" and that's sad, warly special foods use resources that aren't easy to get and the benefit it's to situational like eletrical damage(water ballon don't affect bosses or enemies) Again i'm not saying warly is trash or unplayable but he should be better than his is right now, we got Woodie amazing rework, Wig great rework(could be better but it's still awesome), Wormwood new buffs made him even better than he was, i think now is the time to give Warly some attetion.
  8. Before someone say that i'm complaning about dying, i literraly died on purpose i was trying to get evil flowers to try some type of sanity gain on caves, after i died i noticed my revive button was not appering(self revive don't work on caves if you don't have one there) and i didn't knew that since it always worked on caves but this is not important by the time i notice that i had 60s left i don't know why but i died and only got 75s to revive myself '-' instead of 120 as usual. I pressed to leave the caves and even in my computer which is good sometimes take me one minute to enter/leave the caves and guess what? by the time i spent on the loading screen when was done i was in the character select menu, my word got reseted because the timer keep couting even if i'm in an loading screen... Why? this is so stupid, why the timer needs to keep couting while we are in a loading screen? i can't do anything about it, that's so unfair, i don't mind if loose my world to anything if it's my fault but i literraly died on purpose and then i decided to revive my self since i would not have time to make my evil flower farm and got my world reset cus the timer won't stop on loading screens... I literraly had 20 self revives and 20 amulets on my base and lights to revive myself even in the dark, i got killed because the stupid loading screen, i just making this post to report this bug since i din't found any post related to this just one guy saying that self revive should create light to avoid another death and i agree with that and restart world should STOP by the time you click on anyform of revive, i don't remeber when this happend since this is from years ago but i already got my world reseted while in the reviving animation, can we plz fix thoose problems? DST it's a good game and Klei it's a awesome dev team but we can't aford those type of problems in a game where's dying means a whole world delete, i literraly had more than 200h hours on that world. Cheers.
  9. "Ah **** here we go again" why wicker is op? omg every single day there's a post complaning about wicker we already get hate enough and people keep saying she's op because she can produce large amounts of food and has a "panflute" which is almost useless since takes such long time to use, one book that only charge WX and don't worth anything else, birds books that only use is to farm krampus and having resources is not OP i'm playing Woodie and i had by day 25, i have 400 twigs and 400 grass when i play wicker i get less than that since i do other things with her because she need special attention, sleep is very underestimate by people i can't count how many times being able to sleep would avoid me waste time to grab sanity food or making farm to heal myself. Tentacles are only usefull to bee quen and after the last update she lost interest on them very quickly and you have to keep risking your life to keep her there, she's the only who can make tentacles renewable so this is op? wendy can beat bee queen very easy that's make wendy op? NO. Wolfgang has no real downsides, you only need might form when fighting, he has a lot of sanity so you can easily beat any boss without going insane, double damage and speed bonus, 300hp and bigger hunger, he's literraly press F to win for casual players and even powerfull to experiencied players who know how to dodge but tell how wicker is op?. Wicker is high reward / high risk since bad players only know how to spam her farm book and that's not enough to survive or beat everthing in the game, wolfgang is high reward / no risk, wx is high reward / medium risk, he need to build up with gears which are preety hard early and not everyone rush ruins, wortox is such good character he can help others but he has a high metabolism and get 50% less from foods and eatings souls make you insane so you need to know how to manage your sanity to don't screw youself and a lot of people say that sanity is "hard" to keep(Which is not true) so if hard to keep sanity high how is easy to play wortox? Wicker is not op she needs better books things more usefull and not only wx charger, beequeen trap(which is bad now) farm book(which we barely use one or two times by season?) and birds books to farm krampus(i almost never do krampus farm since is only 1% to get his bag). Wolfgang is OP and need a rework(Not a nerf just aREWORK) and i already suggest some very interesstings updates to him to make deep gameplay and less brain dead. Wx is fine but he don't have anything good beside being able to upgrade himself wortox is fine if we had to kill 10 butterflies to get one soul this would not change anything since we would have so much butterflies that healing by them would be better than using souls. I think everyone in this list is fine beside wolfgang which is broken and don't have any deep gameplay to his players. Sorry if i sound rude but everyday is the same thing complaning about wicker and i can't barely play in servers without people shaming my character sayin "oh there's a console character now" Cheers (Not gonna reply comments since there's "strange guy" which always send me hate when i say wicker is not op).
  10. I was wondering if there's a mods/game option to force oasis lake to spawn at the middle of the biome or at least to always make oasis a big biome, sometimes my oasis is literraly only a piece of island and i like to make huge bases and since everthing on oasis don't burn that's the best place to build. Right now i'm creating my worlds and using a mod to reveal the whole map and then i check if oasis is not a crap biome and if it's good i set my map to black again and start the game(since i forget the whole map two seconds later that's not a problem) but sometimes take me almost 15 word generations to get one good oasis and each generation takes almost 5 minutes, to generate and open the server for everyone, so there's something i could do to avoid this headache? Cheers.
  11. Oh i don't have problem with mod i was just saying sometimes if a update isn't good and we should not try to ignore just because we can mod the game but instead give feedback to klei and then if klei keep then use a mod :P i agree that klei will not give what he want since it's preety balanced now but i use some mods to make things easy like, Geometric :V i quoted your post because i though your assuming that no matter how bad or good the update is if we don't like we should mod but now i get what you want to mean. Cheers.
  12. In the beta the new farming system was terrible to much grind to get a single tomato but now is sooo good and easy, i literraly did giants crops in day 10(took only 5 to grow) and didn't use any fertilization, now this system is good but i don't think saying if he wants something diferent he should do by itself, before this update klei nerfed wicker books and this created a big backslash for them and they splited the book in two books which actully is good thing and finally reverted the nerf which made transplanted plants consume 2 uses which was making each book use only grow 5 plants but my and now wicker is fine cus we don't need to spam books to get 400 berries on day 10 right? but my point is feedback is good and mods are not always the correct way to deal with a bad update(Which ins't this case). My tip for you ZombieDupe is if don't like to farm, use berries and let them grow naturally but use wicker books to get some berries until this happen, make plots with random seeds until you gets seeds that are the same type like potato and tomato, just plant them together and water 4 times and that's it if you don't wanna giants crops you can literraly leavem them there and after 5 days you gonna get tomato / potatos AND SEEDS, then you can give this crop to birds to double you farm and make your farm grow in a exponential way but i would strong recommend for you in the earlier days to talk to your plants every day and keep them wet, you don't need to fertilizate potato and tomato since they help each other and their favorite season is the autumn, if you get big crops you can make you farm grow so fast that, you can get 200 tomatos and potatos before winter and this is more than enough to sustain you or to use this food to battle since tomato and potato gives 20hp.