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A different way for Maxwell to upgrade his shadows

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New equipment system is pretty unintuitive in my opinion and limits player's option a bit. 

So what if instead of shadows getting stronger when Maxwell has certain stuff equipped instead you would be able to imbude Codex Umbra near Pseudoscience Station? 

When Maxwell would get in crafting range of a fully repaired Pseudoscience Station with Codex in his inventory, he would say something about feeling a lot of shadow power he could use and instead of "reading" Codex by right clicking on it, you would be able to "imbude"/upgrade it. 

Again, actual numbers of power of Maxwell's shadows/spells and how much they'll be strengthen by this are up to devs. 

And additional note: I know refresh is pretty much finished but if you go this direction of Maxwell's scaling it would be really cool if Maxwell could do the same near a Lunar crafting station and get the ability to summon scrapped "Brightmare" clones of characters. They looked very melted and stuff and that would fit Maxwell since Lunar and Shadow magic don't go together very well. 

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