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Controller targeting and navigation tweaks needed Please please

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Since Maxwell's new rework introduces spells that require precision and a new wheel for selecting those spells can something be done about the absolutely awful targeting and menu navigation with controller.

For those unaware.

Whenever you use a controller anytime you throw a dumbbell, use a star caller, ocean fishing rod, a lazy explorer, or soul hop. Your character gets a fixed indicator that is based on the direction you move and it can't be adjusted.

It's not easy to make precise placements especially when you don't have room to maneuver or the time to get exactly into position just to aim.

Even the targeting system is flawed despite it's already huge con of not being able to predict mob movement to compensate for cast time.

The issue is that most secondary abilities for items is usually issued to the "back" or "cancel" button usually "B" on Xbox or "O" on Playstation. 

That makes it so that even though the you can lock on to enemies in order to use your items ability you have to break your lock on to do so making it purposeless aside from regularly fighting.

Another thing on controller is whenever you access a menu both joysticks are used just to navigate the menu. This applies to both the inventory sorting menu and the emote wheel freezing the character in place making the player extremely vulnerable for no reason and stiffening gameplay.

The only menu exempted from this is the new crafting menu players can navigate it and move at the same time.

And since the new menu for the codex looks a lot like emote wheel it makes me worried about how smooth Maxwell's gameplay will feel with a controller due to these already present issues.

And for a character whose whole thing is placement and timing I think it's time that these issues are looked at for an enjoyable experience.

Thanks for listening to my tedtalk.

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I believe Wolfgang’s Dumbell targeting on console was instant, as in if a bird lands nearby then you get a prompt to chuck the bell and it hits the target.

Ill have to actually play maxwells rework to tell if his is good or not but I fear it’s going to be a headache.

That said: I really and I mean REALLY wish they would’ve given Wickerbottom a Casters circle so I can aim at and place my spells where I want them- most noteably.. On Tentacles & End is Nigh.

I think console version could benefit greatly from holding down the Y button to pull up a virtual Mouse for point & click purposes such as fishing, spell casting, DRAG AND DROP features like throwing weapons you don’t want into the ocean, or dragging wood out your inventory onto the ocean to “distract” cookie cutters, Dragging Meat over Gnarwail to Tame him.

I mean if I’m being brutally honest- the differences between PC and Console DS are like playing two completely different games.

And what really confuses me the most is that if the Klei Devs play A lot of console games (Xbox/PlayStation) then They have had to have played several games that utilize same button different function game controls.

(Y for inspect, hold Y for a few seconds for virtual on screen mouse)

If any of you have played Gotham Knights yet on Console then your also aware that Tapping X, Y, B, A are your basic attacks, while holding down RB + Tapping X, Y, B or A performs your special Attacks, and of course Finally: Holding down RB + Holding Down X, Y, B, or A performs your SECONDARY special Attacks that use the same Button as your first ones.

Or to put this into a TL:DR, Tap/Hold & Combination Tap/Hold Button Presses.

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