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List of shadow gear combinations and how much dmg the duelist dealt with it

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As the title says here is the list of all the combination of shadow gear that maxwell can wear to increase the dmg of the duelist and the numbers of said combos, Before starting yes i tested it, the magicians top hat counts as a shadow gear, no, non of the fuelweaber drops or thulecite gear counts as such.

I colected this information for another post but i thought that this might be usefull information on its own so hope someone finds it usefull.

-No gear: 20 base dmg/ 30 dmg dash attack

-Magicians top hat/dark sword: 30 base dmg/ 45 dmg dash attack

-Magicians top hat and dark sowrd combined: 40 base dmg/ 60 dmg dash attack

- Night armor: 40 base dmg/ 60 dmg dash attack

-Dark sword/magicians top hat and night armor combined: 50 base dmg/ 75 dmg dash attack

-All three combined: 60 base dmg/ 90 dmg dash attack

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i will go even further and ask for more abilitys depending on the gear, imagine if for example you had a thulecite club, the servants will deal less dmg but had the chance of spawning tentacles, or that if you weared the thurible you increased their speed and dps.

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43 minutes ago, Waitdire said:

Or a nightmare amulet (for masochistic fun).

The nightmare amulet, the only amulet that cost 2 gems, the one whose durability falls the faster and its non refuable. Now that you mentioned it, the nigmare amulet could be a very good way to farm nightmarefuel early game if it worked like the lazy forager

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