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[Suggestion] Interactions between Maxwell's Shadow Magic and Lunar Magic.

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Hi. Since lunar magic has had such a focus with all the new content surrounding it the past few years, and it seems to oppose shadow magic. I played around with testing Maxwell's new spells with lunar content, but there are no unique interactions. Upsides or downsides I think it'd be cool to showcase unique interactions between Maxwell's new spells and the lunar magic of the game.

The new shadow sneak spell could attempt to scare away gestalts like how lit night lights and other shadow items/structures currently do, giving Maxwell a way to provide small safe spaces for him and his allies.

As a more unique/interesting downside, Gestalts could attempt to work to break pillars from Maxwell's shadow prison, providing a unique way for the Celestial Champion to fight off the prison when trapped, and giving the player a need to keep a watch on their prison spells.

These are just ideas, I'm up for anything really as long as it's a unique and interesting interaction between the two magics, :smile:. Cheers and thanks for the update.

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3 minutes ago, maxwell_winters said:

According to Wanda (who is a better shadow magic user than Maxwell judging by her mechanics) moon magic doesn't work well with shadow magic.


I'm not sure if you're saying this in support or against my ideas :razz:. I'm very well aware the two magics don't like each other which is why I'd like interactions between Maxwells new spells where they oppose each other. You can see this especially in the lunar grotto after the archives are activated and a war between nightmares and gestalts begin.(With the Greater Gestalts going after players with related shadow items too!)

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