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Help! How do I make my character cook Warly foods in any crockpot/How do i make my character stop saying "only_used_by_warly" when eating non crockpot foods?

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I want my character to have the ability to cook Warly recipes. I gave him the chef tags and that made him able to make the recipes, but only in Warly's portable crockpot.

While I probably wouldn't have cared, there's a problem. "masterchef" gives him the ability to use Warly's crockpot, but when my character eats non crockpot foods like berries, he says "only_used_by_warly" 

I know this text is for when Warly tries to eat non crockpot foods.
I dont want my character not be able to eat non crockpot foods, so a little help?

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