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Don't Starve Adventure map: Panflute's adventure

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Hello. Dav, Xim, and myself, Dani, would like to introduce ourselves. 
Me as the head of this project (Dani/Dxim) Would like to give you an opportunity of trying this upcoming map. I hope you enjoy the post. 
Update 13/11/2022 FIRST map released! Panflute adventures!
- Next project: 2D DST map !

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/file/FqgFyTzY#QqD29ZgoMJmSLU9mf7YLPP3GvKUBuuH3Zw3bK8aeRG0

Have you ''beaten'' the game yet and you're looking for a new challenge? This vast, normal large sized map, with land untouched with no artificial mailand added setpieces, with however, some additional small islands added, will bring you to a new level in don't starve together. 

The map, consists on a full land like the ones you've already played, at day 1. In order to have a better experience, it's suggested for advanced players to keep the modifier damage set on more'' and shadow creatures from nightmare to TONS.  (This only affects the ruin's shadow phase spawns)

- Download the .rar from the mega link
- Grab the cluster_14 file, or copy or paste it, into your Don't Starve profile folder (the one named with many numbers, holding your world files AKA clusters)
- Log in the game or just refresh to title screen, you should have your map updated now and ready to play fresh starting at day 1 ingame


Points of interest: 
All setpieces are natural generated.
- The dragonfly desert holds the entrance of the cave maze, path to the panflute dungeon!
- 3 additional islands added to the map. You can manually find them, or get hints from the hall of knowledge dungeon portion (signs)
- 1 hidden vanity but pretty area hidden in the caves
- A bit of extra difficulty for the fuelweaver fight


A sacred reward and a blessed station


No reward is given at all during this whole journey, until the end. Shall you defeat the guards and make it past the end of the grotto, you will be rewarded with a single chest containing a panflute, and 5 mandrakes. In addition, this place holds the only ''safe'' pseudoscience station in the map. No nightmare phase to worry about, however, the cost to reach this station is very high. Would you keep returning to it? is it worth the price?

Want to show some love? a link for donation was added in the vid's description. But don't worry! we are doing it all for free! enjoy the map! see you on the next upcoming project: DST Adventure map - Life in the 2D world 


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  • We've changed our minds, we will focus in creating not, 1 but multiple adventure maps for the different taste of the community. Currently working on:
    * a better/more balanced skyblock
    * a 2 d world
    * caves only world
    *the current pan flute map
    * a 2-d linear DST map
    * and another :)
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last update on this thread about panflute adventure map: I received notification of 3 people who had crashes. We tested in a server 3 times and by separate servers in single players with multiple members of discord community, turns out, some of the server mods aren't up to date and can cause crashes such as smart crockpot so please keep in mind, to check your mods, as they're the main reason of crashing. If any further problem is found with the map please don't hesitate and let me know right here in the forums or at  discord DXim Afe#3095 !

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