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i had a neat idea that by coincidence lined up with the rework

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so, maxwell rework beta is here, and it's ok. not bad but not too good

i've had this idea for the eventual maxwell rework that using his codex umbra he'd be able to sort of "curse" tools and weapons, to make them have a different purpose or be more powerful at a significant downside, and when i saw the "imbue tophat" feature i've just been thinking that it can be so more interesting

my idea is by using the codex umbra you can "imbue" them, making them more powerful. like, an imbued axe would be able to sort of chop things in an area of effect while making them less efficient, the imbued pickaxe mining in a single hit while decreasing max sanity for a day, the imbued shovel digging a short distance shadow wormhole for quick escapes, and the list goes on. i just think this would be a neat idea to have in-game, cuz it lines up with maxwell's theme of "dethroned king of the constant"

yeah that's it

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Top hat trick is trully amazing. Creative, useful, original, multiplayer themed and even fits the character both in gameplay and in lore. 

It's genuinely impressing. So much so, that I just don't belive klei will bother to put enough efford into this rework to come up with something else on this level of perk design. 

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