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Suggestions for maxwell Beta Give Maxwell an army!

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So Just did a stream on youtube testing out maxwell The update is rather nice and it gives maxwell more mobility to gather. However, I think there is more you can do. why not just go full on uncapped with maxwell?
 I found out that if you had creative mode enabled  spawning servants and duelists did not give sanity drains so that mean you could spawn an infinite amount of them.

and honestly thats what should be done take the limit off of how many shadows you can make. 6 is really not worth it for the full sanity drain it does if they only last for 1 minute

So I think it would be worth while to experiment with just letting maxwells be able to make a small army where they are

This then came into my second point Why is That the shadows have collision?
They should not have collision with themselves or others It kind of causes them to get stuck attempting to do the same tasks.

So then how would we balance this?
Have maxwell  still loose the sanity to spawn servants duelists ect
Lower the amount each fuel provides for the books 
i would say have it be 20 percent vs 25
make it like wicker where if reading while insane you spawn  nightmare creatures at 33%chance per read  so that way the player can still potentially farm nmf
Like how they used to with 2 duelists and a servant.


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