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Wortox keeps saying "i can't do that" if i try soul hopping and i don't know how to fix it

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You need souls to Soul Hop, you get them from killing enemy mobs, Souls are used for teleporting, healing teammates and also for food consumption for Wortox since human foods don’t fill his hunger as much.

Eating Souls drains your Sanity, also.. Souls need to be stored in your top half of your inventory and NOT IN YOUR BACKPACK.

Good Luck, Have Fun.

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Hello @Cheese eater, welcome to the forums. For ease of use, you can use the mention feature of the forums to send them a notification by typng " @ + their username ". It should show as a highlighted text if you do the mention feature correctly. Another way it to QUOTE their message you want to reply to by clicking the plus "+" button that the bottom of their messages.

With regards to Wortox, there is a possibility that you may have a mod actually conflicting with Wortox's function. Another possibility is that your CTRL or ALT key got stickied somehow (which happens when you ALT TAB out of the game a few times). Pressing those buttons again should correct the issue if that is the case. Another thing to take note of is to make sure you have the correct control settings for Soul Hop. In this case, Secondary under Action in Control Settings.

To figure out if it is affected by another mod, is to start over with a brand new server without any server or client mods. OR simply join a vanilla survival server without any client modes enabled. 

If I figure something else out, I will let you know. I hope that helps a little bit. Again, welcome to the forums. Cheers!

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9 hours ago, Cheese eater said:


Disable all your mods (both Server and Client ones) and try again. From what I can see in above print-screen you have at least 4 server-side mods (Realistic Placement, 999-stack, Extended Inventory, and some particular gear - weapons & armor) that may conflict with base-characters' functions, perhaps because said mods are old/discontinued.

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