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Small Beefalo & Walter Interaction

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Thought it'd be a good idea to mention this with all the Beefalo talk happening.

I still think it'd be really nice to have Walter have the same happy expression he gets when riding Big Woby when he's riding around on a Beefalo.
I figure it makes sense for him to not have that really worried look like the others do when moving on one given his "Fearless" nature and all.

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Nah the whole animated short for Walter was about the newfound friendship between Walter and Woby. People say the slingshot is Walters main perk and its not (it showed up for like half a sec in the short), its actually Woby!

If Walter smiled while on the beefalo it would make the Woby/Walter bond less meaningful from a lore point of view.

Just my take as a Walter main lol


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I think all survivors should have a more calm expression when riding a fully tamed beefalo (or even with domestication above certain % like 60 or 80, would also be a nice indicator of how long you have to go until it's tamed). Why would they be scared at that point? A fully tamed beefalo is reliable and friendly, and the survivor supposedly spent a lot of time riding it already. Another cool thing would be if Wigfrid had an angry/determined expression, or maybe everyone should have it when using war saddle.

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Kind of split on this as someone who plays a lot of Walter.

On the one hand, you're not wrong. It suits his personality and I kind of expected that he'd react that way to beefalo riding too.

On the other hand, when I rode a beefalo as him for the first time and saw his animation changed, it was kind of a pleasant surprise? I like the implication that he and Woby are such a close "team" that he's totally relaxed working with her vs working with a beefalo. It says less about him as a character and moreso says something about him and Woby together as a unit.

Ulitmately I know it's just because Walter is using the same animation as everyone else when he rides a beefalo and any deeper reading probably wasn't intentional, but I still thought it was cute.

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