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[Theory #2] - The "Mirror" is the Shadow God a.k.a. the Gateway

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I recently proposed a theory where I speculated that the identity of the mirror from the Little Drama update is somehow of the Torch Holder...



But after some thought, an interesting idea came to my mind... 

What if instead of the Torch Holder, the mirror actually represents the ancient Gateway; the actual malice the ancients tried to prevent? Or rather the being that the ancient ones worshiped in the past (The black eye)


My arguments:

1. The gateway is shattered, just like the mirror.


2. A portal is just like a magic mirror if you think of it, both can show you another dimension!

2. During the fuel weaver fight the reanimated skeleton attempts to stop the player from "opening" the portal, referencing Them multiple times. The mirror is clearly some representative of "Them" as the play ends with the words "the magic mirror knew they have finally found the one who would sent Them free." - We see Charley observing the players go trough the gateway as they do Gorge and Forge (Maybe she wanted to free "Them" this way, but in the end it didn't work and the survivors just returned), and we also know she is surprised the mirror remained broken despite getting power over the constant (That would be the portal malfunctioning).

5. This seems thematically accurate: We have 2 gods, one of the Moon and one of Shadows, both represented with an eye. They are at war, as they always were, light vs dark. Charley is on the side of the Shadows, and now she has obtained the torch, the artifact that originally destroyed the god of Shadows and trapped him in a "mirror" . Perhaps this torch can do something similar to the other god of the Moon, or help free the one in control of Shadows?

6. If the mirror is the god of Shadows (We need a better name for that monster, feel free to give your ideas bellow), it would explain how it could "bring Charley back to life" and split her personality into two with one being the Grue. A god certainly can do that...

7. Maxwell's speech in the end of adventure mode is: "Or maybe They've grown tired of me. Heh. Took them long enough. They'll show you terrible, beautiful things." - I know that this might be the most far-stretched, but, what does a mirror do? Exactly, it shows you terrible, yet beautiful things. But on the a serious note, if what we see in the play:  Maxwell confronting Charley, before Wilson frees him, already turned into Grue; the phrase "took them long enough" could maybe refer to the fact that he senses Charley incoming but doesn't care if "They" will be there since he has tried to escape from the constant and just can't ("But even a King is bound to the board.").

8. If Wagstaf steals Moon's energy after defeating the Celestial Champion (Presumably the god of Light) - Isn't that somehow similar to en-capturing a divine being inside of an object, like a mirror? If the ancients cast away the Shadow god into another realm, it could be similar to what Wagstaf does with the moon... 

You probably could find more evidence, but I think this is plenty for now... Because the biggest point, come to think of it, what else could this Mirror be? It is just a question that keeps me wondering, as we don't have lots of things to part from. So either it is some new party, or it is something from the game that already exist. And I would love to hear other people's theories about this, because it is finally an update with a mystery we can try to solve before the revel. However to be honest, right now, I am certain that the Mirror is the Shadow god (we need a better name for it...). But I guess only time will tell if I am right...

Have a nice day, and remember it's all just a theory a... take it with a pinch of salt, like always! :)

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1 hour ago, Wumpair said:

right now, I am certain that the Mirror is the Shadow god (we need a better name for it...). But I guess only time will tell if I am right...

We should call it Alter ego because its Alter's shadow variant

I really like this theory as well its really well thought out great job!

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The mask is both of Them.
Klei showed us that Alter, the Moon, is part of Them.
The play's narrator also mentions Charlie will set Them free.

The cracked black mask represents the Shadow half of Them.
The cracked mirror (glass) represents the Lunar half of Them. Alter, known for its glass growing properties.
The Thulecite/gold aspects fits for BOTH of them, as Ancients have used Thulecite and combined it with BOTH magics in the past!

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