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(Not urgent) Need help with understanding how lantern animations work.

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Good day everyone, I'm trying to make myself a new lantern. But I had a little trouble understanding how the game's animations work.
Namely, I'm trying to analyze the animations of the game itself to understand how they work, but I can't because some of them don't have complete files.

I'm using ktools-4.4.4 to extract the files, but I can't extract the files that only have atlas-0.tex and build.bin




I can get files only from similar files, where there is a whole set with an anim file...



I will be very grateful for your help, and for any information, I apologize if a similar topic has already been raised on the forum, I tried to find information but it did not work.. :(

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Lantern can be put on ground and held in hand. If put on ground, it uses lantern.zip, and if held, it uses swap_lantern.zip

swap_lantern.zip does not have an animation, the animation is located in player animations like player_basic.zip

So you need to combine player animation+player build+player atlas+swap lantern together. There are character templates in the forums that have done such work.

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