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Ancient Fuelweaver, 1.0 speed(without speedup), no weather pains, no damage

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I share this here, and hope to see more players try it, or do other challenges based on it, or use it for speedrun and so on.
here's the video:  Kill Ancient Fuelweaver no damage without speedup and weather pains

The  restriction:
.Dark Sword
.Nightmare Amulet
.Bee Queen Crown
.any equipment or clothes  help switch between Nightmare Amulet
.No weather pain,No Lazy Explorer,No speedup equip

No speed up equipment, meaning that the requirements for bone cage dodge is very strict.
No weather pain, meaning  that I need to avoid woven shadows as much as possible and take the boss to go. This will really interfere with the bone cage, so this is a very challenging challenge.

At the same time, I recorded another video worth watching: kill the weaver within one lap in second stage.

background info:

In March of this year, I recorded a video 0 sanity, 0 damage, kill Ancient Fuel Weaver by Willow. In that video, I had more understanding of the weaver and accumulated enough technology. It was at this time that I began to practice the bone prison avoidance technique. At the same time, I also studied or applied Weaver's mind control skills. Weaver's mind control skills are very interesting. You can use the wand to release control. You can even actively induce Weaver to release mind control skills to help output or avoid bone prison.

Later, I watched Guille's video of  Ancient Fuelweaver with no lazy explorer, no nightmare amulet, no weather pains . When I saw its route, I realized the possibility of killing Weaver without speedup and weather pain.

"探索者深蓝" is the first player fully explain the principle of the skill and explore this play in the video full no lazy explorer fight as wendy without abigail utilizing a cane and a mag for speed as a part of his wendy playthrough.



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