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[Suggestion] Make mannequins use the "default" / left click option vs special right click action, add them to storage crafting filter

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At the moment, there is an annoying caveat from how the mannequins are coded: the right click action is one of the ways you can trigger the "swap clothes" action, which then transfers all items you are equipping at the moment onto the mannequin. This works okay with most items, except if you are holding a hammer or a torch/lighter, your prompt with right click shows up as "Hammer" and "Light", respectively (which is a big problem, as if you're in a rush/not accustomed to this, as I was during testing you will unintentionally hammer or burn your mannequin, which drops all its items if you hammer and destroys the mannequin if you light it on fire) 

I would like to suggest changing the action to be triggered with the default left mouse button, versus right clicking. The action at the moment has no second action on it; its prompt with left click is "Examine" when you hover over it with your cursor so it would not be a big loss to swap it. It is confusing why the action is nested into right click to begin with, as you can use the default auto action key (spacebar) to automatically quick swap with the mannequin already. It was to my understanding for other structures like Ice Flingomatics and Fire Pumps, the right click action was there to make it harder to accidentally activate. (But the spacebar action nullifies the effect on mannequins anyway) 

It seems pretty simple to change in code too: it would just require the below value to be set to "false" (or the line deleted entirely) 

    inst.components.activatable.forcerightclickaction = true

A decent alternative to this would be increasing the priority of "Swap Clothes" so it would show instead of Hammer/Light on cursor hover (through the activate action, though that would affect other entities that use said action as well) When using spacebar, Hammer also overrides the Swap action as well (as linked in video showcasing the spacebar action logic) 

Worth noting that already, when you have the hammer/lighter/torch in your cursor and you hover over the mannequins, the "Give" action is selected/prioritized over other actions too; the hammer in particular offers the "Hammer" action as an alt action with right click here (last picture) 

Thank you for your consideration in this suggestion! 

   - Someone who burned their own mannequin :(

P.S.: Almost forgot, but the mannequin would also be fitting to be added to the storage crafting feature! You can use them to store equipment on of course, which is nice. Not a lot of recipes in the storage filter as well, it'd help fill it up. 

Mannequin Suggestion 1.png

Mannequin Suggestion 2.png

Mannequin Suggestion 3.png

Mannequin Suggestion 4.png

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