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Question marks ??? pings seem to be fixed

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Guys, is it just me or has Klei fixed the ??? ping problem? If you wait a while, all the pings of all servers will refresh and resolve to a number now, no more question marks for pings, unless the server is extremely far away (greater than around 300-500 ping), then and only then will it have question marks. You can visually see the servers refreshing in the list, and you only need to wait about a minute for it to do so. This is a crazy fix, how is there no news of this?

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Note to everyone, it worked on that specific day I posted (Tuesday), and the servers also resolved correctly the next day, but the third day after that, server ??? pings came back for previous servers that were definitively resolving, so in summary: I really don't know anymore. And today I just logged in (Saturday), and ??? pings are back again.

To reiterate though what I saw, when the servers definitively resolve, you see all of the servers quickly refreshing one by one in the list, and all the closest servers to you are resolved to a numeric ping. I have never seen the behavior of "refreshing one-by-one" like an "airport arrivals and departure board" before. Maybe it only happens on Tuesdays? Will need further testing, and I will be on the lookout.

In response to the post above, clicking on a single server does not resolve that server for me.

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